My dearest teachers,
Some people say you have the easiest job ever. You get three whole months off during the summer for vacation, plus ALL the holidays. It’s such a breeze. They wish they had your job! Those people are ignorant.

Teachers, I am writing this to remind you, that those people are not everyone. There are those of us, who, are deeply, deeply appreciative and grateful for you. You do so much more than anyone knows. You work tirelessly for a fraction of the pay you deserve. While most of us scramble to get our kids to you by the time the bell rings, you have already gotten yours to where they need to be and are there waiting for ours. Ready with open arms to welcome the wave of backpacks, and jackets, and questions, and stories, and well, chaos!

You work tirelessly for a fraction of the pay you deserve

There are those of us who are deeply appreciative and grateful for you

At night, while others are at home not thinking about work, you probably quite literally buried in papers. Trying to grade them while simultaneously trying coming up with new project ideas for next week, next month…tomorrow! You have to deal with the incessant barrage of parental questions and complaints. Which reminds me, for goodness sake, why haven’t you responded to my e-mail yet? I sent it over an HOUR ago! There are the things that they, (those higher up on the flag pole) insist you do in your classroom. Evaluations they make you give, things they insist you teach the same way to every child. It’s like trying to force you to fit circles into a square holes. But some way, somehow, you manage to navigate through it all…and our kids…they grow.

Every day that school bell rings, I place a part of myself, a piece of my heart, into your care and have to walk away. I don’t take that lightly. You lay your lives down for our kids. You take each under your wing as your own. You play such a crucial role in the lives of our children. Day by day you are helping shape them into the men and women they will someday become.

Teacher, no job is more important than yours

Teacher, no job is more important than yours. After all, it is you who inspires, teaches, and trains up our future doctors, lawyers, first responders, etc.

And for those of you who are teachers of the especially little…you Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade teachers. God bless you!! I have 2 littles of my own, and there are days where I think surely, this will be the day that I lose my mind. I can’t imagine having to wrangle 15, 25, and perhaps even up to 30, at a time!! Truly, God has a special, quiet, day spa reserved for you in Heaven. But in all seriousness, know that He sees you every day. Know that God knows every single thing you do for His precious children, no matter how small it may seem. He knows every detail. Nothing is lost or underappreciated by Him.

God knows every single thing you do for His precious children

Precious teacher, you are deeply loved. You are very much appreciated, even though it doesn't always feel that way. Don’t ever give up! Don’t ever believe the lie that people don’t care about you and everything you do. You touch my children, my very heart, in ways that I am not able. In ways that I can see, and in so many more ways that I can’t. There are things you do for them, ways you fight for them, that I will never even find out about. For all those things, and everything else…you have my undying gratitude.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are loved beyond measure.